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weightgoggles: 495 g
headband: 500 g
dimensionsgoggles: 195×155×110 mm
headband(folded): 255×205×92 mm
fov85° (single screen)
screen size5 inch×2
interpupillary distance range58 – 70 mm
refresh rate60 hz
screen resolution3840×1080 (single screen: 1920×1080)
operating frequency2.4 ghz
max.transmission distancesame as the aircraft connected
video downlink resolution1080p 30, 720p 60, 720p 30
video downlink latency
(near field and free of interference)
110 ms (mavic pro, 720p60, video format: 720p120)
150 ms (phantom 4 pro/advanced series, 720p60, video format: 720p60/720p120)
167 ms (phantom 4, 720p30, video format: 720p60)
140 ms (inspire 2 x5s, 720p60, video format: 1080p120)
190 ms (inspire 2 x4s, 720p60, video format: 1080p60)
battery capacity9440 mah
battery energy35.44 wh
max operating time6 hrs
operating temperature range32°f (0°c) - 104°f (40°c)
i/o interfacemicro usb, 3.5mm audio jack,
hdmi type-d, micro sd card slot
hdmi supportedhdmi 1.4b, hdcp 1.4
sensorsgyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor
chargerinput: 100-240vac, 50/60 hz. 0.5a
output: 5v,3a ; 9v,2a;12v,1.5a
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dji - goggles - see the world take flight


dji – goggles tutorials – preparing the goggles
dji – goggles tutorials – how to fly
dji – goggles tutorials – intelligent flight modes
1. insert the headband buckle into the slot above the lenses until you hear a click. check that it has been fastened securely. 2. align the lenses over your eyes and pull the strap down. adjust the strap knob until the headset fits snugly and comfortably on your head.
yes. the dji goggles can be worn over glasses.
no, they are not.
first, turn the ipd knob to adjust the distance between the lenses until the images are aligned. when the images align, you will have the most suitable pupil distance for you.
you can lock the touchpad by swiping backwards with two fingers.
to ensure normal system functioning, the dji goggles will not respond to any on/off command within 10s after the last turn on/turn off.
yes. please first activate dji goggles and update the firmware to version 01.04.0500 or above on your computer using the appropriate version of dji assistant 2. power on the dji goggles, choose linking in settings, then choose mavic 2. press the link button on the mavic 2 and wait for a few seconds to connect dji goggles to the aircraft.
*to download the version of dji assistant 2 that is compatible with dji goggles, please visit:
apart from pairing the dji goggles with a mavic pro drone and remote controller, there are three other connection combinations:
1. one mavic pro drone two dji goggles two mavic pro remote controllers
2. one mavic pro drone two dji goggles one mavic pro remote controller
3. one mavic pro drone one dji goggles two mavic pro remote controllers
in coach mode, only the master remote controller can change the flight mode. the drone starts to respond to the slave remote controller only when the master remote controller doesn't give any commands for more than two seconds. the master remote controller can override anytime. in dual operation mode (one drone two dji goggles two remote controllers), the slave dji goggles will not support head tracking mode. if the remote controller and dji goggles are being operated by the same user, a spotter who is able to give instructions and warnings is required to ensure safe flying.
mavic air, spark, phantom 4, phantom 4 pro, phantom 4 advanced, and inspire 2.
any device that has an hdmi port.
the micro sd card slot on the dji goggles is used to download files from the aircraft to the goggle’s onboard sd card for backup and to view captured video files.(only videos with a resolution of 1080p/60fps or lower can be viewed via the goggles.)
in hd mode, the resolution of video transmission footage reaches 1080p/30fps for near field, lowering to 720p/30fps for far field or when affected by interference. in smooth mode, the resolution will remain at 720p/60fps. the former is for a more clear and immersive fpv experience, and the latter is for smoother fpv footage.
the resolution of video transmission footage seen in the dji goggles changes along with the video recording resolution. therefore:
1. when video is recorded at 4k, the highest video transmission resolution is 720p/30;
2. when video is recorded at 2.7k, video transmission resolution tops out at 1080p/30;
3. when video is recorded at 1080p or below, depending on whether the frame rate is higher than 30fps or lower than 30fps, the max video transmission resolution will be 720p/60fps or 1080p/30fps, respectively.
typical “2k” screens inside other brands of goggles are split into two 1280x1440 sections, one for each eye at 720p. the dji goggles use dual 1080p screens, meaning that each screen has a maximum resolution of 1920*1080.
hd video downlink latency (near field and free of interference) can be as low as: 110 ms (mavic pro, 720p60, video format: 720p120) 150 ms (phantom 4 series, 720p60, video format: 720p60/720p120) 140 ms (inspire 2 x5s, 720p60, video format: 1080p120) 190 ms (inspire 2 x4s, 720p60, video format: 1080p60)
using dji’s ocusync wireless transmission system, dji goggles link with the mavic pro with a transmission range of up to 7 km (when fcc-compliant). four antennas built into the body and headband provide signal detection in all directions, staying connected to your drone even when it’s behind you.
if the goggles are powered off or disconnect from the mavic for 30 seconds, the remote controller connected to the goggles will automatically connect with the mavic. this remote controller will be able to control flight, but won’t transfer live video to the dji go app.
updating firmware
there are three main ways to update firmware:
1. directly connect your dji goggles to a pc.
2. pair your remote controller, drone, and dji goggles before connecting the remote controller to a pc, and update all three devices together.
3. pair your remote controller, drone, and dji goggles, then connect the remote controller with the dji go app (or go 4.0) to update the three devices simultaneously within the app.
no. for specific functions according to the different devices the dji goggles are connected to, please refer to the user manual. (phantom 4 will soon support head tracking.)
in head tracking mode, a drone's yaw depends on the pilot's head movements. if the pilot doesn't stop where he began, the drone will keep rotating until the pilot turns his head back to the original position.
for ease of operation, when the mavic pro is connected to the dji goggles, the c1/c2 buttons are automatically set to the fn/back buttons, which function the same as on the dji goggles.